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Justina Kapeckaite also known as Monokuro Yun is a Japanese culture fanatic with a master degree in medicine. Born in 1989, she started writing after the Harry Potter boom when she was in middle school. The most notable work THE SIGN was rewritten four times now with a strong premonition that it will mean a death sentence if ever finished. Justina lives in Vilnius and listens to music any time possible and whatever she does she uses it as a strong influence for her creations. She also watches anime, read manga. For fun and for reference. Reads a lot of historical books and overall is an information freak with high analyzing skills.


A very good talker but even better listener so attentive nature of the protagonist is in her blood. A rebel by nature yet logical to the core she aspires to change the opinion about the Lithuanian writers and typical fantasy novels.

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Lady of Feathers and Swords

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