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Changes through the year (Siris)

As I mentioned before I began writing my story somewhat 17 years ago. In the current one (which seemingly will be a final version of them all) there are many characters that will never ever have a chance to maintain their name, looks, or at least the same plot line. But there are some, who remained who they are from the first version till the current one.

THE SIGN protagonist Siris is one of these characters. He has the same name, same looks, he is still a half-demon and bears a White Pearl. Interesting enough, back then he was secondary character who shows up only in the third volume (yes, I wrote the story in volumes back then too ~!). After many tries of putting the whole thing into a well-set story, I turned Siris into a main male character and don't think I will ever regret this desition.

The first version, where Siris was introduced, was a Light Novel as this one, but yet the creations were just some crappy teenager's scribblings and even though I still own that book, I can hardly read it again. I have never really draw Siris back then. Knowing the fact he basically never changed, you can choose any of the pictures below that depict him in human form and you will be right anyway.

What HAS actually changed after so many years is his DEMON form. In the beginning I created him as a normal demon (actually the ONLY demon in the story) so he looked like a complete and perfect version of a very dark and dangerous creature. But two years ago, when I put my hand on the finalized version, I made him a half-breed. I put a very strong accent on this part of being a half - this and a half - that, so I had to make him LOOK like a half-baked demon as well. And that's how Siris ended up with incomplete left part of his body.

When I was in university, I tried drawing a manga version of this story. The name of the story was "Metal Star". Siris was there as well. However, not as a main character. Netherveless, no less important. I am thinking that I will use some plot-twist from this manga version someday actually.

Two years ago I started writing and sharing my story chapter by chapter. My friends encouraged me to translate the chapters in English so more people would be able to read them. I ended up posting the story that already had a title THE SIGH one chapter per two weeks online. Mostly, my readers were same Lithuanian friends but there were some people, who could not understand Lithuanian language, so English version let them enjoy the story. I wanted some cover for my story to make it a bit catchy. I had no wish to upload some mass-production pictures though.

In the beginning I was not so proud of my pen-ink drawings, so I asked my friend to help me and she offered many pictures I could use for the book cover. There were various pictures but only one has caught my eye. I still believe it is a very precise version of my protagonist.

Siris by Roberta Mašidlauskyte

The time has come, when I have received a contract from Morgan James Publisher. To celebrate the occasion, a Japanese friend who is creating manga strips from time to time and uploads them to the internet, made a postcard, featuring Siris with a longsword. He ended up as a left-handed swordsman. She was stressed out to notice it only after the product was done but I assured her that to have a dominant left hand was not so rare in ancient times, nor it is now. I myself can use both hands for the longsword fencing. In my case, it is called cross-domination but in the book I wrote a scene where Siris uses his left hand and in my opinion he must have experienced using both hands as dominants more than only once.

Siris by Haruna Akagi (harusuke akagi)

I hope, someday I will recieve more versions of Siris from everyone. I would like you all to enjoy the story and let your imagination create even more fantastic things that someday might inspire more and more new stories.

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