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Feathers... well, ok, but...Why the hell swords?!!!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I know I am no Princess... and yes, I am bad at photoshoping things ><

So to make things clear, I truly take one sword or another in my hands at least once a week. In the begining I was just looking for someone to help me create a story with more believable fighting scenes. I've got what I wanted: a lot of historical, war-art related information became easily accessible as soon as I found HEMA Lietuva (Historical Europian Martial Arts) club and its quite passionable members. At first, I was not so eager to try my hand at actual FENCING but after many hours spent on arguing with my inner-self I came to the first lesson... and stayed for more than half a year now!

Me as a referee for the duel that took place in ComicCon Baltics 2018

Despite the fact, that I just wanted longsword fencing because it is probably the closest possible weapon I could find in our HEMA club to the weaponary that is being used in my story, after some time I ended up trying practically everything I could: sword and buckler, then Polish saber. Also I had my chance to try axe and lance throwing and a bits of archery.

At the first open HEMA duel event (2018 spring) <My edge alignement is terrible lol>

More information about HEMA in Lithuania:








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