• Monokuro Yun

So... When and where i came up with this story?

It all began with collecting various photos from some newspapers and magazines. Who would have thought that some pictures would become of some use after 20 years..?

One of the pictures. That’s how I wanted the Gloomy Island be: some dark mountained shore in the horizon.

Handmade book. Actually second, I’ve lost the very first one… And don’t ask what are these scribblings in the corner, I cannot read them either XD The title is saying: “The Temple of Serenity” but it was changed into some other a few times. For now the story is being called “THE SIGN”. It is okay interpretate the title in more than one way because I have no intention to be too direct with it and decided on this one solely for its multi-layered nature.

The box for the "pearl" that says: "Make a wish." And so I did.

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