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The hell with this pen-name???

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I have no doubts that someday in your lives you wondered or WILL surely wonder what the hell Monokuro Yun means. And, of course, what are these sign-like signatures too.

My signature in the book.

I already explained where Lady of Feathers and Swords came from but I don't recall telling you what Monokuro Yun means. As most of you aware, my real name is Justina. I don't hide it, truly. Justina is a name of Latin origins and popular in many other countries. What is a real hassle is Lithuanian surnames that are rather hard to read. And since I am not married, it might change as well. I needed a pen-name but when I had to pick one, I just went with whatever, really. My Japanese friends call me Yun-chan from time to time (that is a Japanese abbrevation of my real given name) and Monokuro (in jap. monokuro means monochrome) came from visual kei band S.I.D. Monokuro no kissu. The scribbling below my pen-name simply reads as yun-chan that is written in hiragana alphabet. I was using this kind of signature on my hand-drawn pictures. I used it so long, that I have gotten somewhat attached to it and wanted to turn it into a real signature someday. When my publisher asked what my pen-name will be, I decided on Monokuro Yun. Actually, I was too lazy to think of something new. When I saw the cover for the book for the first time, it hit me that Monokuro Yun looks weird in a sense. But later I found a new strategy for exploiting a Japanese pen-name - I started signing the book with a calligraphy pen as a fanservice.

Aaaand. Since I can read and write some Japanese, I decided on the kanji characters for my surname as well.

Musubi. As a given female type of name it can be read as Yun.

mono+kuro (playing with kanji is always so exiting!)

This pen-name might end up as something else too. You never now. Follow my story, and all the things I have written so far might be only the lies I made for you :P

The ebook comes out January 5!

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